Posted by: Shark Boat - R/V Sea Watch | February 15, 2014

Pirates Adventure – Diving with Great White Sharks

We were in Mexico working with the top divers and underwater photographers of mexico aboard the Research Vessel Sea Watch – We were 225 miles off shore at a remote island.… This is my video journal from only the first day. 

It had been an amazing crossing – the channel was flat and we hit some mahi for grub along the way. We were greeting by at 12 ft white shark — before the anchor hit the water, although there was a bit of haze to the water- It was the start of another great adventure. 

On this day – I was the safety diver. I was not there to capture images – I was there to cover the back of other people that often focus to much attention on expensive cameras rather than the behavior and location of the sharks, I only put a go pro on the the end of my “shark stick” – which is about 2 ft long aluminum pole. Its nothing really….

In my opinion… the sharks are interacting with the divers. Once out of the cage we have entered their world. They are curious. They did not behave as one would think, although certainly saw spunk and heated moments over the upcoming weeks. More footage and stories to come of those adventures.

Diving withs sharks is potentially dangerous and Do not attempt this on your own. These are professional divers. If you wish to shark dive and experience these amazing animals, please go thru a known and reputable expedition leader that has resources and experience. 





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