Posted by: Shark Boat - R/V Sea Watch | October 9, 2014

When push comes to shove

It was a crazy idea… Not the first I have had. Probably not the last.

I wanted to do what I could. I didn’t have much, so figured it wasn’t much to lose. I wanted to save sharks and do real research that would help to protect our ecosystems. I had seen to much madness – everyone fighting for money and not really caring about impacts humans were having.

Always fought for research dollars- never got much of them. Funny to me that we know more about outer space than inner space. I guess that is why I started working on and with the ocean. How to take that into my own hands?

In comes the Sea Watch. She is a big girl that needed se love and care. She had been decommissioned from USC’s research fleet. They dropped funding and had left her setting at dock in Fish Harbor.

I had been approached to run a vessel for Discovery Channel for a Shark Week Production called Great White Triangle.

I bought her for a song. Friends volunteers and family helped to refit and fix her.

As things evolved – I began to realize our real mission. It wasn’t hard to see. We were motivating and inspiring while teaching many people. The stories of our adventures drew people in. They wanted to learn and become involved.

Fast Forward to present.

We have cast the lines and shoved off on our biggest adventure to date. We are heading south into the unprotected waters of the eastern tropical pacific to fight pirates, poachers and shark finners. We have truly become EcoPirate s – we are the Pirates of of the Pacific.

Short on funds, not everything repaired, not everything is ready- but we are out of time. Either give up or go…the point of not return had come…. Push had came to shove.

We are at sea aboard the Sea Watch. We call her the SharkBoat. Day 1 of our adventure sends us back to where it all began…. Fish Harbor

Follow our journey

Captain Chris WadeIMG_3785.JPG





  1. fantastic project – well done! Look forward to following the adventure. Andrea

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