Posted by: Shark Boat - R/V Sea Watch | October 30, 2014

it all started when….

I guess I should start with my thanks from the beginning. Gotta give a huge shout out to Andy Brandy Casagrande IV & Andy Brandy Casagrande IV – It all started when he called me about running a shoot for Discovery Channel and Shark Week for the show later named as “Great White Triangle”. The Captain Jack (the boat I had been running for expeditions) was not suitable for the equipment and not liked by one of the talent involved in the shoot – We could not find a boat that was right for the job that was affordable. I wanted the shoot and the adventure – which selfishly pushed me to make the plunge and buying the Sea Watch – Shark Boat – although a very trying schedule, extremely challenging shoot and an overall humbling experience that I lost money on in the end – It started the motion and momentum that has the boat underway to fight pirates poachers and shark finners today, I very much appreciated the opportunity then and happy with where the path has lead me. Many great friends and more sharky adventures than I can count- feels like the boat and my pirate crew have done some pretty solid things to help sharks and the ocean already. So- Much Respect and many thanks amigo for picking up that phone and activating this “shark monkey” – that day changed my life in many many ways.



  1. […] it all started when….. […]

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